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Millennials might change jobs fast but Gen Z changes CAREERS & jobs even faster. An Australian study of 5000+ 18 to 29 year olds found they are likely to have 17 jobs AND 5 different careers. :)

And another reason some workers don't quit is fear (not something executives should boast about when referring to low-turnover.) Changing a job emotes the same level of stress as grieving the death of a close friend. Changing a job is scary. First you can get rejected and who needs that stress? Second, you have to meet a bunch of strangers (HR and hiring managers) who aren't always nice, prepared, or professional. Third, searching for a job adds more uncertainty to your already uncertain, unpredictable life. At least, you know your miserable job is miserable!

Unfortunately for the business and this employee's co-workers, not quitting is not a winning formula.

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Really great points Ira. It is so much easier to stay with the status quo, even if the status quo is emotionally or mentally unhealthy (refer to the thousands of studies of emotionally abused spouses).

As you said, it takes time, effort and courage to find a job and quit your existing one. Which goes back to unhappy employees and the multitude of studies that unhappy employees are far less productive and innovative than happy employees. If unhappy employees can’t be turned around, a leader should be happy if they quit.

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