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Thanks for this inciteful article. I love successful women. This may be in part because I have three daughters, now grown, who I feel I encouraged to not be stereotyped into societies expectations for women. I have said this to others that the five smartest people I know are all women. Briefly they are my cousin Marilyn who recently retired as head of Kansas legal services, my nephew's ex-wife (they divorced when he came out as gay) who recently earned her PHD in education while working and raising two wonderful boys, Dr. Angela Book who went from street kid to professor of criminal psychology at Brock University in Canada, singer and songwriter Melody Walker who has co-authored a grammy winning song with Mollie Tuttle and is a very articulate voice for women musicians, musicians in general and LBGQT rights, my cousin Hillary, professor at Hayes State and a member Women in Academics.

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